Planning & Advisory Board

West Coast UK(Gye Nyame) is a well- recognised entertainment company based in the UK. It was established in 2003 and continues to expand in terms of events and audience. They have a broad range of skills focusing on entertainment events management and music promotion. West Coast Entertainment is now welcoming so many other diverse cultures. West Coast Entertainment prides itself in creativity in terms of event management and professional promotional skills. They keep a cultural element to everything they do, and take pride in where they have come from. They currently have an exclusive mailing list of over 27,000 active members which is continually growing. West Coast Entertainment has organised a range of events around the globe. These include; the world famous Candy Shop events, Ghana Independence Celebrations, Hip-life Festival, the Phat Farm Fashion Show, In The Closet, Lollipop, Special Delivery To Holland, the Ghana Music Awards After Party UK, Pool Parties, Boat BBQs, to mention but a few. We have also worked in conjunction with various promoters eg. Choice FM, to bring you the best of the best.